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Ignition timing Booster

Ignition timing Booster


Missing link to our 158R bbk.  Preloaded timing maps without replacing the stock ecu. HOEDAR ecu created a piggback controler that plugs into the back of a stock zuma 125 ignition coil. Control box is loaded with specific ignition timing maps for 2009-2015 zuma 125. This timing map matches our 158R perfectly. Increase in power, improve throttle response and increase fuel economy. Stock 2009-2015 zuma is known to have a relatively converative and low ignition timing especially at mid to high rpm. This control box will increase/advance ignition timing in specific areas of the power band to match our bore kit better. This really wakes up our bore kit and achieve it's full potentail without swaping out to a standalone racing ecu. Keeps pulling hard till top speed and bury that speedometer needle! How does it inrease MPG? Throttle reponsive is imporved and less throttle is needed to hold your cruising speed.  



1. PREMIUM GASOLINE ONLY (91-93 octane).


2. For hot climates switch to NGK CR8E spark plug (stock is NGK CR7E). We also suggest HOBAO heat sinks and remove the engine cover under the gas tank to allow more air flow to cool the engine or make cut outs to allow more airflow. 


3. DO NOT use with our 175 bbk or risk engine damage. 


4. This unit does not increase spark intensity. 

Does not eliminate rev limiter (that is fuel related, not ignition timing). 


5. Plug and play, no adjustments needed. Wire adapter included. 


*7/19/21 open for pre-order, HOEDAR is making more and will ship out once we recieve it. 

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