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RC 175

RC 175



Our popular 59mm cylinder kit matched to our +6.2mm stroker crankshaft. Biggest bolt on kit. From our preliminary tests, larger rotating mass of the 6.2 crank allows you to hold a steady speed of 60mph at 1/4 throttle. This reduces engine heat so a oil cooler is not needed. Better MPG with less throttle. Great for long distance riding and freeway. Capable to run taller gearing like 13x39.


1/22/19 UPDATE, just finish testing with stock ecu settings. This kit will work with stock ecu but requires a aftermarket exhaust and modded stock airbox with aftermarket air filter.  If want more top end power/performance, we suggesting adding on the V1 head with 32mm TB and roller camshaft. Want to make it smoother and increase power all around, use the Hoedar ecu. 


BASIC includes. 

1. 59mm forged piston, nikasil cylinder, matching injector and camshaft.

2. spacer kit.

3. +6.2 stroker crankshaft, longer chain/stud and crank seals.

4. High torque starter. 

5. HOBAO billet valve cover heat sinks. 


Upgrade 1 (includes basic plus these items)

6. V1 high flow cylinder head. 

7. 30mm throttle body kit. 

8. HOBAO billet cam cover heat sink. 

9. SRP high flow fuel pump. 


Upgrade 2 (includes basic plus upgrade 1 and these items below)

10. HOEDAR standalone ecu. 

11. roller camshft. 

12. upgrade to 32mm throttle body instead of 30mm 

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